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• The Perfect Brush Set •

A bit of a risky title - but it truly is! Ever since this set came out i've been dying to try these brushes. I knew that i didn't particularly need more makeup brushes, but i didn't have some quite like it in my collection, and with my birthday coming up i immediately added them to my list.

The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set includes 8 beautifully made brushes - four face brushes and four eyebrushes - with a gorgeous rose gold detailed handle. It also comes with a leather makeup bag. The set costs 58 (around £49) and they do feel like really good quality brushes for the price.

The set definitely has some dupes in their; the 227 Luxe Soft Definer is a perfect MAC 217 dupe, and the 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek is also very similar to the MAC 168. All the brushes are really soft and apply beautifully without any shedding. I've used every single brush in the set, and i don't think there's one that doesn't work for anything. I absolutely love this set, as it both looks and works amazingly. I definitely think this is worth the price and would highly recommend it.

Zazie x