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• Festival Fashion •

(Topshop Website)

I'm into a lot of different styles, but one of my favourites is definitely the festival kind. I haven't been to festivals but i just love the casual, flowy style. My style in general is very comfortable, and that fits right into that category. I decided to make another collage type for possibly my own benefit, but i'm sure some of you will like it too. As you can see i'm all about the prints at the moment, so lets get to the items.


Maybe it's just my OCD side of me taking over, but there's something about matching tops and bottoms that i love. It's an outfit already chosen for you, and if the print isn't all too crazy, can just look gorgeous.

Oh Kimonos. I've loved the look of them for the longest time, especially whilst admiring both my mums and my sisters collection of them, but i have yet to own a proper one myself. They're just beautiful and make any outfit look lovely and sophisticated.

Loose Dress
I used to wear these types of dresses all the time, but have in time been replaced with shorts. However, i definitely want to pick up one for the summer as i just love the girlyness of it.

Patterned Trousers
Most of the above mentioned are patterned, but i don't think i've ever owned a pair of patterned trousers. A few months i did pick up a pair from Forever 21 and i am in love. I've been eyeing up a few more, and i'm sure there's space for another in my wardrobe.

Theres plenty more items i love from the Topshop Festival Range, such as the backpack, printed tee and others, so i'd definitely recommend you go check it out here.

Zazie x