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• Ellie Goulding X2 •

© Marcus L
Back in February last year I went to see Ellie Goulding and it definitely was one of the best nights of my life. When i heard that she was coming back to Singapore this year, i knew i had to get tickets. I received the tickets at christmas, and so i thought it would be a long wait. But, before i knew it Aerin and I were waiting to get into the venue and have another amazing night.

Although we had seats we ran to the front and stayed there the entire time. Ellie was absolutely amazing and she performed both her own songs and covers - one to mention, Tesselate by Alt J, a favourite of mine already. Her dancing was incredible and she was very friendly with the audience (i kid you not, she made eye contact). I love the way she changed up the songs a bit, to not make them sound identical to listening to them on a CD and all in all I had a really great time.

If you are thinking of seeing her i would very highly recommend to do so, definitely worth the money.

Zazie x