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• Manicure 101 •

When it comes to manicures i'm not really the best. I'm not an overly patient person, and so i don't want to lather on so much on my nails and wait for half an hour for them to dry. No, not for me. But, there are three steps in my routine to ensure the polish lasts as long as it can - i just skip all the unnecessary things.

• The Primer: Maybelline vs. Smashbox •

If theres one makeup product that i probably have zero experience in is primers. I'm all for eye primers that conceal redness and veins on the lids, but even clear eye primers i didn't understand. Because i'm not a regular foundation wearer, i never saw the use of primers. It just seemed like an extra step in my makeup routine that i wasn't too willing to make. The typical use of a primer is to make your makeup last all day, and i felt it already did just that without it. Plus any primer i tested in Sephora felt greasy or simply something i wouldn't want to put near my face.

• Ellie Goulding X2 •

© Marcus L
Back in February last year I went to see Ellie Goulding and it definitely was one of the best nights of my life. When i heard that she was coming back to Singapore this year, i knew i had to get tickets. I received the tickets at christmas, and so i thought it would be a long wait. But, before i knew it Aerin and I were waiting to get into the venue and have another amazing night.

• Tickle Me Pink •

I'm sorry, but I had to name this post after the hilarious shade name. If you are a long time reader you may remember me using hair chalk last year. I do really want to go pink for the summer, but I thought this would be a fun way to start off. 

• The Perfect Brush Set •

A bit of a risky title - but it truly is! Ever since this set came out i've been dying to try these brushes. I knew that i didn't particularly need more makeup brushes, but i didn't have some quite like it in my collection, and with my birthday coming up i immediately added them to my list.

• The Drugstore Red Lip •

I'm a big fan of a bold matte lip, but finding a good one from the drugstore is harder than you think. Today i will be talking about two different options; one that made the cut, and one that didn't.

• Festival Fashion •

(Topshop Website)

I'm into a lot of different styles, but one of my favourites is definitely the festival kind. I haven't been to festivals but i just love the casual, flowy style. My style in general is very comfortable, and that fits right into that category. I decided to make another collage type for possibly my own benefit, but i'm sure some of you will like it too. As you can see i'm all about the prints at the moment, so lets get to the items.

• The Luxury Lipstick •

As you can tell i'm into my bright pinks at the moment. I think this is pretty clear from the packaging that this is no ordinary lipstick. Oh no. The YSL Rouge Voluptes are far from it. I've admired these from afar, but i never thought i'd receive it. However, my lovely sister bought this for my birthday and i couldn't be more thankful. Despite adding the shade Jealous Coral to my wishlist post back in this post, Fuchsia Tourbillon (31) is absolutely stunning. It's a fuchsia that isn't too neon or barbie pink, and the formula is simply fabulous. It glides on the lips giving a perfect amount of colour and without sliding around or smudging.

• Birthday Snippets •

I'm a year older, yay! I know this probably interests only a fraction of you all, but i like to have it documented for my own reasons too. Birthdays are always fab occasions, and photo taking sessions are not to be missed. My birthday is nearly always on a weekday, so i normally just have a relaxing after-school afternoon tea thing, which is always nice.

• Body Shop Camomile •

Sorry i haven't been posting much last week, but we just moved house, and so everything is very hectic - my days now consist of unpacking boxes, which is a lot more tiring than it sounds. But, enough with excuses, hopefully i'll get back to posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.