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• The Wishlist #2: Bobbi Brown Edition •

Oh Bobbi. Bobbi Brown isn't a brand i've tried much from, in fact i haven't tried anything from it, but i've heard so many good things about it that i can't help adding a couple of things to my wishlist. Brittany and her recent obsession with BB has honestly made me crave them so much more.

1. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon
Probably my 'most wanted' on the list, the pinky-orange cream blush that can be used on both cheeks and lips has been on my list for a while now. Ever since trying Topshop's cream blush, i've been wanting to try many more, and from all the reviews i've read on Bobbi Brown's offering - it's pretty good.

2. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit
Something very hyped up in the beauty world, but something oh so intriguing. One shade for concealing dark circles, the other for blemishes, i can really see this kit coming in handy, especially for travelling. Soap & Glory's Kick Ass is the same kind of concept, so i'll probably be purchasing that before the Bobbi Brown one, but who knows.

3. Bobbi Brown Pastel Brights Eye Palette
I'm not quite sure if this is still available, as it came in their spring collection, but I don't think it's available in Singapore anyway. Buttt, it's gorgeous. I never really wear colourful shades on my lids, but i feel like this is the perfect 'bright's palettes for neutral girls like me. The palette consists of six shimmers, all quite pale and pastel. It's colourful, but not colourful.

4. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick
I've always found the concept of foundation sticks so intriguing and satisfying for some reason, so when i came across these while perusing their website, i couldn't help adding it on here. A creamy foundation in stick form - kind of self explanatory. I know Maybelline have a similar one, but from hearing Lily's comparison of the two, stating that the Bobbi Brown version is better, i think i'd prefer the latter.

5. Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Rosy
A bloggers favourite of late, the Sheer Lip Colour sounds perfect for my craving of sheer lips. Swatching it the other week i realised that they aren't actually that sheer, but they still look so so pretty. The only shade that really interested me was Rosy (yep the most popular, it's like Harry Styles all over again), but it's so gorgeous, how can you say no?

Zazie x