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• A Sunday Post •

Life Lately, Sunday Post, whatever this even is.

I had quite a busy weekend, as yesterday i went shopping and came back pretty tired, despite me and my sister staying up watching hilarious videos, oh well! I also may have made a sneaky purchase at the NARS store (more on that in another post) and had a lovely lunch with my mum. We shared a tuna salad, which i strangely loved. Yesterday i also used up my final sachet of this mask, and although it did feel like it was doing something, i'm just not all that impressed yet.

You probably don't know this, but i'm going to be moving in about a month (just house, not country) so we've been clearing out a ton of things, and with that finding loads too. In the picture above is actually the pair of scissors that was used to cut little Zazie's baby locks - look how tiny they are!

This morning i made banana pancakes, so obviously this song had the be played. The rest of the day is probably going to be spent doing schoolwork, maybe a spot of baking and definitely; relaxing.

What are you getting up to this Sunday?

Zazie x