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• The Fashion Blogger Edit •

Although i do love my good ol' beauty bloggers, i'm also a big fan of fashion bloggers. So here is a somewhat "Sharing the Love" post on my favourites.
The Little Magpie - Written by Amy
I absolutely love Amy's somewhat masculine style, it's so elegant at the same time. She's a monochrome girl, like many, but boy she rocks it. Her photography is always really bright and on point, and she;'s recently started a YouTube channel (link here), which you should definitely try out. The clothes she wears are also not too expensive, so her outfits are pretty easy to recreate. 

Handful of Fashion - Written by Erika
I swear Erika could pull off a cardboard bag if she wanted to, honestly - this girl looks good in anything. Her style is amazing, but i don't think i could wear her clothes, but i wish i could! She's also a student at Newcastle, which makes me like her even more (shhh). Beautiful photography too.

llymlrs - Written by Lily
Of course i couldn't not mention Lily's blog. She posts every single day (cue applause) and again, her style is absolutely gorgeous. I love the way she edits her photos and i read both her beauty blog, and watch her YouTube channel.

Salted Roses - Written by Amy
Amy is such a gorgeous girl, and her style really reflects that too. She also writes a nice little chatty text with her posts, and i love the editing of her photos. She also has the most amazing body, and her blog name is so original too.

So that was it for my favourites. Leave any suggestions or your favourites down below if you feel like it :)

Zazie x