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• Pretty Packaging •

Let's face it - a lot of the time we do look and judge a product by it's packaging. Although it isn't necessarily always the case, but the main reason i stand at the YSL counter is because of it. High end products tend to have a lot nicer packaging than drugstore products, as they do have more money to spend on it, but here are three of my favourite packaged makeup products i own.
I own two things from Nars and both come in the typical matte black sleek packaging. Despite the many complaints that it gets dirty easily, i am still in love with it and have tried to keep it as clean as possible. And although quite similar to elf or Sleek, nothing quite beats the large letters on the front. I also love the packaging of their foundation, tinted moisturiser and concealer, but i don't own any  of them.

I'm actually quite a big fan of Topshop makeup packaging, specifically their blushers and lipsticks. Really simple white with cute little dots and stripes on them - not quite the high end feel to them, but definitely lovely packaging. I don't think there's really anything else you can compare Topshop packaging too, and that's one of the things i love about it - cute and unique.

I don't actually find that all Mac products have nice packaging (i'm looking at you Mineralize Lipsticks), but their regular lipsticks are definitely lovely. Nice round sleek black packaging, and ok, it's hard to know what lipstick shade it is, but is it really necessary to own 50 Mac lipsticks?! Some people might say that the packaging is a bit 'boring', but i love it and think it's quite unique as well.

Sorry i've been a bit MIA this week, we have spring break and i've mainly just been having 'family time' and so haven't really had time to blog. Will be back to usual next week!

Zazie x

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