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• Makeup Nostalgia •

We all get it, right? Being a makeup addict I often change up my routine, buy new products and with that forget about old ones. Today i thought i'd round up a couple of products that i used to love, and still do! Remembering Summer '13...

I've never been a huge foundation person, as i am still young, but last summer i picked up my first one, and i was in love. The Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is the perfect base that gives a natural glow and hides some flaws, without actually covering them. It definitely has a dewy finish, so i think this is great for the summer time. I recently started reaching for this again, and although the last couple of months the L'Oreal True Match has been my go-to, this is still a great foundation. The only 'meh' part of it is the scent, smells alright but when applied near the nasal area, just beware.

Another Rimmel product! Last summer i also picked up the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Oxford Street Fuchsia. I got it mainly for the name, but the shade is lovely! It's sort of like a toned down fuchsia, maybe more like a light pink, but it's absolutely gorgeous. They recently reformulated these lipsticks, but i honestly can't tell the difference, and as far as i'm concerned, St. Fuchsia is still available. I haven't used it in forever, and this post has definitely reminded my to do so!

Theres been a huge craze over balm stains-chubby sticks recently, and i remember when these came out they were really popular and loved. The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (remember, the one with the unnecessarily long name?) are quite different to Revlon's new offerings. It's very much a sheerer version than the Matte and Laquer ones, and are a lot more moisturising too. I used to wear these literally all. the. time. and although i haven't been reaching for them in a long time, the love for them hasn't faded.

And lastly is a lipbalm. You probably know by now that i have a slight obsession with lip balms, but this was a recommendation by Aerin, and she's never failed me with her recommendations. This is the Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Balm in Juicy Peach. First of all, the scent is amazing and it tastes even better. Although it is quite thick when first applied, it feels really light and gives a slight gloss effect too. And of course, it is extremely moisturising! I know they have a couple of other scents/flavours/shades? but this was the only one that really appealed to me, and boy do i love it.

Zazie x