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• In My Purse •

I go out quite often, and i always make sure i have my purse with me. Today i thought i'd show you the things i have in it. I do realise you wouldn't normally keep things in your purse, but it's a bit of a habit of mine, and it's so easy to slip into any bag that you are taking.

My purse is a fake Mulberry that i picked up whilst in Hong Kong last year. I'm not completely sure if there's a real version very similar to this, but this one is dark brown with gold detailing, as the black and gold felt to typical. I really like it, and although you can probably tell it's a fake, i like to pretend it isn't.

The first essential for me is my phone. I don't think i can go anywhere without my phone, as i'm always texting my mum or taking pictures. I honestly feel lost without my phone, which sounds so silly - what did people used to do?

Another thing i like to keep in my purse are some mints. I don't really choose a certain brand, but Fisherman's Friends Apple & Cinnamon is heaven. I always like the feeling of nice fresh breath, as do most people. You can't buy gum in Singapore, plus my mum hates it and i must agree with some of her points, so mints are the way to go.

A long with other essential cards like my bus card, i have to bring my Topshop card. Topshop is my favourite shop, and i like to still get my 10% off on any spontaneous purchases i may make. I like to think my Topshop card is an essential, although i know deep down i don't really need to take it to restaurants...

Lastly are some lip products. I normally just bring lip balm, but if i'm wearing a specific shade that might need topping up, i do like to pack it. And i like having a choice, so in pop two.

What are your purse essentials?

Zazie x