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One thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love reading blogs. Although i do love a good book, i feel like blogposts are so lovely when they're short and sweet, and mostly about what i love. I do have a blog roll of most of my favourite blogs that i follow, but i thought i'd sum up a few i've been loving recently for a good ol' read. And it's International Woman's Day, so give these ladies some love!
Recently i've found Libby's blog Life Of Libby, and i have no idea why i've only come across it now. Beautiful photography with lovely reviews, love her template as well.

Another blog i've been loving recently is Maddy's called Unstitchedd, really nice varied posts with (again) gorgeous photography.

Lipstick With Some Sunshine is another one of my favourites. I love Tammie's URL, her photography and her photo set ups, check out her youtube channel while you're there too!

The newest blog i've been reading is Brodie Jay. Brodie is a photography graduate, so of course her photography is on point. She has really nice in-depth reviews too.

Luce's blog Bonjour Luce has been a favourite of mine for a long time. She recently changed from Blogger to Squarespace, and her blog is now very pretty and simplistic. Oh and did i mention how lovely all her posts are?

If you are looking for nice in-depth reviews, but written in a friendly way i would definitely recommend Girl With Makeup. Emma's blog ticks all the boxes i look for in a blog, definitely a big aspiration for my blog.

And last but not least Jaye's blog Bed in the Kitchen. There's honestly nothing bad i can say about Jaye's blog - perfect writing, photography and blog template. Love her instagram too!

I thought i'd also give a quick mention to Aerin from Berrie-Blogs, her photos and blog posts are very fab (and i'm not just saying that because she is my best friend!)

I hope you've found some new blogs to read, or maybe you could leave some of your favourites below. Go give 'em all some love!

Zazie x