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• Quesadillas ~ My Style •

Okay i may have gotten the recipe from a cookbook (Roald Dahl to be exact) but still, they're something i eat literally all the time, they're so simple and verryy delicious. These are really great to share, for parties or even just for yourself. So heres the recipe!

- Wraps/Tortillas  
- Spring Onions (chopped)
- Light Mayonnaise
- Cheese 

First things first, take three wraps. These can be any sort- wholegrain is my personal favourite as it is slightly more filling. Lay out one wrap and evenly spread on some mayonnaise using a knife. Generously sprinkle on the spring onions and add on the cheese. Again this can be any sort of cheese that fits your taste buds! Add a second wrap on top of the previous one, and repeat the process (add the spring onions, cheese, light mayonnaise). Add yet another wrap on top. Now all you have to do is heat up a pan and put the wrap-sandwich into it - no need for butter or oil in the pan. After around 60 seconds flip the wrap over and let that heat for another 60 seconds. (Leave it on for more or less time if you want it less/more cooked). Cut up into quarters and its ready to eat! 

This recipe is so simple, delicious and not too unhealthy... Anyway, I think this is a perfect recipe for Spring time, and maybe something you'll try out sometime.. let me know below!

Zazie x