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• Everyday Essentials •

Mascara and Deodorant. Two very essential products in my eyes. I don't think i've gone a day without one of them in a long time. These two i've been using for a few weeks now, and definitely in my good books.

The NYX Le Frou Frou Mascara was one of those things where you try out a product, immediately decided you don't like it and throw it to the back of your drawer. However, i wanted to give my lashes a bit of a change so i tried this one out, and so far i haven't gone back. This gives a bit of volume and a bit of length, but that is what i love about it. It's a perfect mascara for every day as it's ever so subtle and is great for a no-makeup makeup look. The formula is quite dry aswell, so it's so easy to just pop on and out the house without any hassle with smudging.

I don't think i've ever talked about a deodorant on my blog before, so it's quite a weird thing to mention. I've normally always popped on the same deodorant, but i wanted one that really lasted and didn't melt off when i sweated (is it sweat or sweated? never sure). This one looked quite promising with the 48H mark on it - and it didn't disappoint. The Lady Speed Stick seriously stays on for so long, and the scent stays with it too. I've really noticed a difference when i pop this deodorant on, and the fact that it' s a rollerball helps with the longevity.

What are some of your everyday essentials?

Zazie x