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• Bold Lips.. Matte or Glossy? •

Top: Rimmel Moisture Renew In Love With Ginger
Below: MAC Lady Danger 
I'm a big fan of bold lips, perfect paired with a smokey eye or a winged liner, but should it be matte or glossy? This question haunts me as i browse through my lipstick collection wondering which would go best. Well, kinda.

A glossy lip can make those puckers look really full and.. glossy! These formula lipsticks often glide on to the lips with no tugging. Glossy lips is also all the trend this season, so you'll feel trendy while wearing it too. The negative? These can often slip around on your lips, or lose pigmentation throughout the day. Sure, blotting helps, but this can often take away all that glossy goodness, which we can't afford to lose. Topping up through the night (or day) would be in order.

A bold matte lip is probably the most common option. No hassle involved throughout the day if used with a lipliner, as matte lipsticks tend to be a lot more long-lasting and more smudge proof than regular ones. Buutt of course there's a downside. Many matte lipsticks, especially from the drugstore, can dry your lips out, or cling to the dry bits of your lips which is NOT a good look. Exfoliating beforehand might be needed when wearing a matte lip. 

So which one to go for? I feel like it really depends, and it varies from one person to another, as it is your personal opinion. I like both for different times, and both are well loved with me.

Do you prefer bold lips being matte or glossy?

Zazie x