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• We Don't Get On •

My blog is generally quite a positive place, but i also like giving 100% honest feedback. Although i do get most products to work for me, these three just didn't. Either i was disappointed in them, or i just dislike the product. I'm not saying that everyone won't like these products, they're just products i don't get on with. These could be some of your favourites! But for me, they get a thumbs down.

NYX Smokey Fumé Palette
I received this little palette in a gift set last year. The shades look quite pretty, but when i first saw this i knew i wouldn't get much wear out of it as i like to stay in my neutral comfort zone. Nevertheless, i gave it a go and the colours are quite pigmented, but doesn't really compete to any of my other palettes. The one thing that really bugs me about this though, is the colour-wear. As this palette is more of a one to wear in the evenings, you'd obviously want this to stay on all night. However, just touching your lid will scrape off half the colour. I know NYX is quite cheap, but i'm sure theres loads of other cheap palettes on the market that have better colour wear.

L'Oreal Superliner Duo
This eyeliner is more of a disappointing product. I was on the hunt for a good plain black eyeliner from the drugstore (i honestly couldn't believe how hard it was!) I found this one, and it looked quite nice, and it had a smudger at the end which is always useful for smokey eyes. There wasn't a tester in the shop, so i assumed it to be a nice black pigmented liner. No. No no no. First off, it's grey. Secondly the pigmentation is quite appalling, even for a grey liner. To try and make it work i used the smudger, but it blended it into, well, nothing! Big sad face on this one, does anyone know any good pencil black liners from the drugstore?!

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream
I bought this a while back, and i've only kept it for the purpose of telling you how horrible this is. I thought it sounded quite similar to the NYX ones, so i was excited to give it a try. Oh my god. I can't even begin to explain how awful this is. First off is how drying it is. I'm not just saying it clings to your dry skin on your lips, but it literally rips my skin off. Even swatching it on my hand. It's also incredibly hard to remove, and in the process of doing so, your lips will feel so horrible. This also means that if you accidentally apply it over where your lip line is, you may as well stay at home for the next few days. Although i despise this lip cream to my hearts content, i've heard people like Alix from I Covet Thee mentioning this in favourites videos, so i'm not sure whether it's just me, but this definitely wins the prize for Worst Product Ever Bought.

What are some products that you dislike?

Zazie x