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• The To Do List •

I often find myself constantly forgetting things i was supposed to be doing, including even the little things. I am a person that gets distracted so easily, and i honestly have to be more organised! It's not just that i'm a procrastinator and maybe just generally a lazy person, but i can be so forgetful at times, my mum literally has to remind me about everything. However, i've decided to change this. I feel like achievements always start with the little things, so i have decided to make small to-do lists whenever i have something to do. Don't you just love ticking the little boxes off and thinking that you've actually accomplished something in your life? No? Just me?
So here are a couple of things that are on my to do list (and maybe somethings to add to yours too)

Spring Clean!

This doesn't just mean clean your room, i mean to have a proper clear out of all the stuff i never use/wear anymore, and tidy it aswell. Although i do see myself as quite a tidy person, my room doesn't exactly reflect that. So far i've bought a $2 floral bin which is a good place to start, no?

Sort out your makeup!

I'm just never one to sort out my makeup properly, and i blame it on the fact i'm probably getting a new makeup table soon. I also want to buy some new makeup storage, but again i always say to myself that i'll get some in the future. I feel like the right wording here would be "don't live in the future, live in the present", and "don't wait for things to happen, make them happen". Basically what i'm saying is i should go out, buy some new storage, sort it out and i'll finally be happy.

What is on your to do list?

Zazie x