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• The Tangleteezer •

The Tangleteezer. Everyone and their mother has tried this, and most loved it too. I'm quite late on the bandwagon for this, but i never really understood the whole hype around it. To me it just looked like any hairbrush.. oh i was so wrong. 

Not only does it get rid of knots and tangles, but it makes my hair look and feel a lot smoother - for the long term aswell. The bristles are different sizes, and are not flimsy at all. The size of the brush is great for travelling and can fit in the palm of your hand perfectly. The one i bought is actually one of the 'compact stylers', which are slightly smaller than the original, and comes with a handy little lid (which also keeps it a lot cleaner). My one is Shaun The Sheep themed, which i think is so so cute. The brand recently came out with a new brush for wet hair, which i'm definitely going to try out, as i'm so bad with brushing my hair when i come out of the shower. 

I honestly didn't expect to love the Tangleteezer as much as I do, and if you haven't got it already, i'd suggest you run to your nearest Boots store. Now.

The Tangleteezers retail from £10 in Boots.

Zazie x