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• Sneaky Purchases •

For my spending ban of January i must admit i did do very well. These two are the only makeup related items i picked up AND they were both on offer - who can really resist a drugstore sale?

The first thing is the Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting. I've been wanting to buy another lip butter for such a long time, as i absolutely love the shade i have, but it is one of the more pigmented ones and much more suitable for the summer time. The lipbutters have an incredible moisturising formula that hydrates your lips without feeling too slippy or glossy. I was looking for a nice subtle shade, but one that didn't have those irritating little micro-glitters in them. I ended up opting for Sugar Frosting, because it hardly gives any colour, but a really nice shimmery glossy sheen which looks gorgeous on it's own or on top of a light pink lip colour. Here in Singapore the shade range isn't the best, so i can see myself picking up at least one more when i go back to England in the summer, as i have a quite a lot that i'm eyeing up.

The next thing i've actually been wanting to try out since late last year when i tried the Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono single eyeshadows, which are one of the butteriest pigmented eyeshadows i own (including high end). This is the Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in 'Never Let Me Go' and is basically meant to be the quad version of the single ones, which i thought would be a great idea for travelling as it has a really nice acrylic compact size packaging. I must say though, when i was swatching the shadows on my arm, and then later on my eye, i was slightly disappointed to say the least. Compared to the dreamy formula of the single shadows, these ones took a couple of hard rubs to get proper pigmentation, and the pink shade pretty much consists of only glitter. The darker shades at the bottom are definitely more pigmented than the top ones, but to use these i would need some good quality neutral shades. This did cost an incredible $8 (equivalent to £4), so it's not like i've wasted a tonne of money, but i think i'll stick to my good old Naked Basics for now. And although i wouldn't recommend this quad, i would highly recommend you go check out the single eyeshadows, as they are honestly much much more pigmented and generally better quality shadows.

Zazie x