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• Fresh Spring Scents •

Is it just me, or does it feel forever since my last post?! Anyway, today i'm going to be discussing another spring related topic, i present to you my favourite spring scents for this year. Of course i like to chop and choose every day to change it up a bit, but these are the the two i mostly pick out. I know it is quite hard to describe scents, so i would recommend you go give these a sniff the next time you go to your nearest store, but i'll try my best!

The Body Shop 'Love Etc' // £18.45 for 50ml
The first one is a perfume i received from Aerin for Valentines Day last year (yes, we like to give each other presents, because let's face it- nobody is going to give us any haha!). It is called Love Etc. which i think would be a perfect valentines gift for a special someone in your life, even if it is your best friend! This one is quite a sweet smell, although not sickly sweet. The Body Shop describes this as a 'light, sparkling fusion of jasmine with delicious notes of vanilla, sandalwood and musk cream', and i must it smells just as divine as it is sounds.

Benefit 'Laugh With Me LeeLee' // £29.50 for 30ml
This i actually received for christmas, which i'm so grateful for. A couple of months ago i went into the Benefit store and was pleasantly surprised at how good their perfumes smelled. I've never really acknowledged benefit for having perfumes, so i was very excited to try this out. This one is a very woody floral scent and has a light blend of citrus, jasmine and lily blossoms. It's a really nice fresh scent which i find perfect for the spring time. And can we please talk about the packaging?! #SahhCute

Zazie x