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• The Nail Colour You Can't Go Wrong With •

When it comes to nail polish, i feel like i always go back to this one, as the colour is just so versatile and perfect for all the time- whatever the occasion. Although this isn't technically a colour, this will go with simply everything- any outfit, any occasion! I was obsessed with this pure white nail polish over the summer, and when the winter months came in i got it out again- like snow, right? In my opinion everyone should have a white nail polish in their lives, as i can assure you, you will get a lot of use out of it. You can even jazz it up a but by trying out a bit of nail art on top of it, if you are feeling a bit fancy!

This is hands down my favourite nail polish, and with that my most used too! Plus i absolutely adore the formula of OPI nail polishes, as they are really pigmented in one swipe and last forever. 

Will you be picking up a white nail polish sometime?

Zazie x