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• My Top 3 Liquid Liners •

I've never really been much of a liquid-liner type of person. A lot of the times liquid eyeliners are either far too hard to handle (ie. flimsy tips) or don't last very long on me. These three however, definitely make the cut for me.

The Thick Line: (second swatch)
For the perfect thick line i always go for the L'Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster. L'Oreal have several liners in their Super Liner range, but this was the only one that stood out for me. The Blackbuster has a really thick tip, that is really easy to use, especially if you are scared of making a huge mess when attempting a thick line. Although this is probably the least pigmented of the three (second swatch), this is still a really great eyeliner.

The Thin Line: (third swatch)
For a perfect thin line to pair with a smokey eye or even a bare eye for a really simple look i will go for the Topshop Magic Liner. This is by far my favourite eyeliner- it's really pigmented and is honestly the easiest thing to apply. It has quite a long tip which makes it so easy to get really close to your lash line. Topshop actually have several shades in this; a brown, a blue and a black. I would highly recommend this liner to anyone, especially at £6.50.

The Wing: (first swatch)

I must admit i'm not the expert when it comes to a cat flick or a winged liner (am i the only one who can do one eye perfectly, but the other one completely messed up?!) but if i do ever attempt to do one, this is my choice of eyeliner. This is the Sephora Long-lasting Eyeliner, and as the name suggests, is definitely one of my longest lasting eyeliner. The small brush at the end is perfect for a little wing, and it will not budge. 

And that was it for my top 3 liquid liners! Remember to leave your favourites down below, as i'm always on the hunt for another liquid liner! 

Zazie x