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• Current Skincare Loves •

Recently i've been trying out a lot new skincare products, so i thought i'd show you my current faves.  The first thing i've been loving is the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter (£12).  The minute this came out i wanted to get my hands on it, as apparently it is a dupe for the Emma Hardie one.  I must admit i haven't tried that one, the price tag scares me, but i've always loved the idea of it- makeup will seamlessly melt away- ahh! Although when i first dipped my finger in this, it felt a tad on the greasy side, it honestly is so easy to remove makeup. It also leaves my face feeling nice and cleansed. Also, the camomile scent is hardly noticeable, so that's not an issue at all. If you are thinking of getting this i would highly recommend you do, as for £12, it's definitely a winner for me!

When it comes to Toners, i can be the slightest bit lazy- and by that i mean that on most days i just skip this step completely. However, recently i tried out the Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water (£3.95) and now toning is a step i just can't miss! I like that this comes in a spray form as it is much easier to use, and to control how much you want to use. Although you can spray it directly onto the face, i like to spray it on a cotton pad and then apply it to the face that way. This makes my face feeling- as you would expect- nice and fresh. It also feels rather cooling on the skin which i like. LUSH have a couple of other toners, but this is the first one i tried.

The next thing is something i've been eyeing ever since bloggers compared this to the ever so popular Bioderma. I've personally never tried Bioderma, but i've been wanting to buy it for quite some time now. So when a drugstore dupe came out, i immediately wanted to buy it. It is the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution (£3.33). This removes makeup like a gem, unclogs pores and tones the skin. My face feels so smooth after i use this, and it's much quicker when i don't want to do the whole hog.  I would highly highly recommend this as it costs a stunning £3.33, however my good old friend Aerin said that it irritated her eyes and made them feel extremely itchy and red, so perhaps if you have sensitive eyes i would be cautious whilst putting this around your eye area. 

One area of skincare i'm not exactly very experienced in is eye creams- this is my first one! I do have quite dark circles, or 'bags' under my eyes, so i've always wanted to invest in an eye cream instead of always covering them up with concealer. This is the NATIO Delicate Eye Cream (AU$19.95 = £10.78)  and it does the job- i like to dab it on and then lightly smooth it with my ring finger. As the title suggests it is very delicate and doesn't feel heavy at all. After using this for a couple of weeks i've really notices my eyes feeling and looking less puffy. I do know that NATIO is quite a hard brand to find in the UK as it is an Australian brand, but if you are looking for a good eye cream and you happen to find this one, i would highly recommend it! 

And that's it, few! Leave me your faves below (:

Zazie x