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• The Brush: Urban Decay vs. Real Techniques •

I've never really done a comparison post before, but i guess there is a first to everything! Today i'm going to be comparing two brushes, one drugstore and one high end. Both of these are great foundation brushes, especially good for buffing in. The first one is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which comes in the Real Techniques Core Collection. I must admit that this is pretty much the only brush from the collection that i get really good use out of. They do have another similar brush in the line, the Expert Face Brush, but it is quite different. The Buffing Brush is a wide circular brush that widens at the end. It has a slight dome edge which really helps to buff in your foundation. This is great for powder aswell, as the top of the bristles are quite flat. The other brush is the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush. The first thing i notice about this brush is the weight of the handle, which is pretty heavy. To be honest i like this, because it feels like you have a lot more grip and control when you're using it. The actual brush is a lot more dense than the Real Techniques one, so you get a lot more coverage from it too. 

So which one to get? When it comes to your actual makeup, these both give pretty much the same finish, apart from the fact that the Urban Decay one gives slightly more coverage. Another big factor is the huggee price difference- the Core Collection that the Buffing Brush comes in costs £21.00, but it comes with three more brushes, and the Optical Blurring Brush is £19.50. So for price the Real Techniques clearly wins. The one annoying thing is that this isn't sold separately, so you have to buy the whole set, which, if you are just looking for a good buffing brush, isn't exactly the best thing to do, especially as i don't personally get much use out of the other brushes that come in the set. So for me, it would have to be a tie, as they both have their goods and bads.

Which brush would you choose?

Zazie x