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• Topshop Highlighter in "Crescent Moon" •

Whenever i go into Topshop, it's an absolute must for me that i look at their makeup. I wouldn't say i have a lot of makeup from Topshop, but my wishlist is slowly and steadily growing. Recently i was watching a youtube video when someone mentioned that Topshop have a highlighter that is very similar to the Mary-Loumanizer from theBalm- an old love of mine. So, being a dupe addict, i rushed into Topshop to find it.

This one is in the shade "Crescent Moon", which is a gorgeous shimmery highlight. Topshop also have another shade of highlight, "Sunbeam" which in my opinion is exactly what a highlight shouldn't be; bright yellow! Anyway, back to this one. It is a really soft texture and looks really glowy on the skin. It is also quite blendable and i think it's a perfect makeup product for the festive season!

Zazie x