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• Hello 2014 •

The fact that it is now officially 2014 really blows my mind. And i know it's really cliche but this past year has literally flown by. It seems only yesterday that i was lying on the beach in Lombok enjoying the summer sun. This year has been quite a big year makeup wise too, last year i had little to no makeup and now my stash has grown immensely (love that word). 

• Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette •

When i heard that Urban Decay were coming out with a new palette i immediately went and put it on my chrimbo wishlist, but i honestly didn't expect to get it at all! I've always wanted to buy one of the Naked Palettes, but i never knew which one to get. This one is quite different to the others as it's more rosy-toned, so i can see myself buying one of the other ones in the future, especially as this palette comes with 12 completely new shades. 

• My Christmas Makeup! •

First off a very merry christmas to everyone who is celebrating it! Today is just a quick post, as i'm going to be joining in on the family festivities, but i wanted to show you what i am going to be wearing makeup-wise on christmas! This is a very simple makeup look as i don't like spending too much time when you can be doing more important things. Most of these products i have already done reviews on so click on the product name and it will lead you to the full review! And if i haven't done a review, keep your eyes peeled! xx

• Affordable Christmas Eyeshadow Picks! •

Another festive post yay! Today i'm going to be talking about my favourite eyeshadows for the christmas season, and as you can probably tell, they're all shimmery! Also, all of these are drugstore, so they're in everyone's price range.

• Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Dirty Works Bathing Box •

I know sometimes it's quite hard to get someone a present- especially when it's so close to christmas! A good thing to do is get someone a gift set, where everything is in a nice little box and chosen for you. And today i'm going to share with you just that! 

• My Body Shop Wish-list! •

I normally don't really do these kinds of posts as i really hate the look of stock photos but i just had to let you in on some products from the Body Shop that are on my current wants list! The Body Shop is defintely one of my my favourite high street shops- i love all their body care, skincare, hair and makeup range and recently they've been coming out with some great new products so it would be rude not to make a little wishlist, eh? 

• Sickness and Scrapbooks •

Today i had a really lazy day and it was not the best day- i was up all night throwing up (tmi sorry!) and i have a sore stomach and a headache. I generally am not at my best, but i wanted to post a blogpost anyway as i haven't posted in ageesss!

Today i also began making a little scrapbook out of my Jack Wills notebook.