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• Real Techniques Brushes •

Everyone and their mothers talks about these brushes, but i can honestly say that i truly love them. They are so soft, but not too soft that they don't collect any product. Plus these look so much more sleek and are so much cheaper aswell! 

I have the core collection (the gold handed ones) which are for your face, the starter set (the purple handed ones) which are for your eyes and a random blush brush (the pink one). My favourite is probably the buffing brush that comes in the core collection. I use it for foundation, concealer & powder, which I think is brilliant as i normally use one brush for foundation, one for concealer, etc.

If you didn't know already, Real Techniques Brushes were made/designed by Sam from pixiwoo, which i love, seeing as she is one of my favourite youtubers <3 The brushes can be found at most boots stores and online. The sets cost around £20.00 while the single brushes cost around the £9-10 mark. Great Price, great brushes! :)

These have definitely become my favourite brushes as they are so good and so much cheaper than other brushes, and it's not often i find good brushes in the drugstore.

Zazie x