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• e.l.f. Natural Eyeshadow Palette •

When it comes to smokey eyes, i'm probably not the best person to come to.. unless you want to use this palette! This is the e.l.f. 32 Natural Eyeshadow Palette. The reason why i find smokey eyes with this so easy, is because the colours that come in this aren't exactly the most pigmented, so they blend really nicely together! This palette comes with shimmers and matte colours all in the neutral range. 

I generally really like this palette as it is so so cheap and yet can create so many different looks! Obviously as i said the colours aren't the most pigmented, but i generally think this is one of my favourite palettes, especially for the colder months. Plus this palette is pretty cheap so i would highly recommend you go check it out!

You can't really see it so well in this picture, sorry! 

Zazie x

P.S. I might be going on bloggers break for a while, because my parents are going away for a week, so they took the camera. I'm very sorry, but i'll hopefully be back next Saturday! (: