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• Dry Shampoo Flop | Haircare Week •

So far i've done many positive reviews and thoughts, so now here comes a little negativity.The Batiste Dry Shampoo. You have probably heard someone somewhere mentioning this, as it is a very loved product in the beauty world. Almost every single blogger absolutely loves it- except for me.

Dry shampoo's are mainly made to put in your hair when it's unwashed and dry. According to the batiste website, you're meant to spray it 30cm away from your head and it will"instantly refresh your hair in between washes, leaving it feeling gorgeous clean and fresh". But for me it did the opposite. As i said in previous posts, i have very dry hair, and this dried it out even more than it already was. I know this may sound obvious in the name (DRY shampoo), but because so many people raved about it i was sure that some of them had as dry hair as me. It made my hair not only feel but look dry and it didn't make it look clean and fresh at all. This is the first dry shampoo i've used so i don't know if it would be like that for me for all dry shampoo's, but for now i'd like to stay away from them to be honest!

Overall i just think this product was a big flop for me. Although i have seen so many bloggers rave about this, so don't let this stop you from getting it, as this was just my experience and opinion. However, this did cost £4.99, so if you did like it, it is such an affordable product!

What are your thoughts on this dry shampoo?

Zazie x