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• Christmas Candles Galore! •

When i think of christmas one of the main things that pops into my head is... candles! I absolutely love candles as they give a really nice scent, look nice and give a really pretty light. They also generally give a more festive feel to the room!

The first one is a bit of a luxury one. It belongs to my mum and it is the Travellers Journey candle from To Be Calm. I haven't burnt it just yet, but it's a really nice subtle sent of white and ginger, a perfect gift for your mum at christmas in my opinion!

The next one is my absolute favourite candle ever. I've been eyeing this candle for a long time, but as it is a very christmas-y scent, i didn't want to buy it 'til the right time. Oh and in case you were wondering it is the White Barn Spice Candle from Bath & Body Works. It honestly smells so amazing, its a really strong spicy scent as it suggests. It definitely has different scents emerging when burning it- cinnamon, vanilla and orange. This is definitely my favourite christmas candle this year, and i will definitely repurchase it!

Another one that i bought this year is also from Bath & Body Works, but this year they came out with their Snowday 2013 collection, which comes in a really cute jar. This scent is Fresh Balsam, which is basically a christmas tree in a candle. Because we have to get fake trees here in Singapore, you miss out on that wonderful smell that comes with buying a christmas tree, it's a great opportunity to buy a candle that has that scent :) I really like it aswell as it's not too overpowering.

The final candle i've bought so far is the Sparkling Snow Candle from Yankee Candle. I love Yankee Candles, mainly because they have so many scents AND come in a jar. This candle smells very vanilla-ry. Again i really like this scent, although it doesn't shout 'christmas' as much as the rest! 

Are you buying any christmas candles this year?!

Zazie x