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• Mini Sleek Makeup Haul •

Recently i went to this  little shop i found that sells NYX and Sleek makeup, so i decided to buy some Sleek products, as you don't usually get them in Singapore. 

The first thing i bought was this blush. It is limited edition and called Candy Collection. I actually wanted to get a sleek blush-by-3 set when i was in England, but i didn't find a colour i liked. These are all very bright pink colours, which is the main blush colour i like. What i like about this palette, is that the first fuchsia colour is a creme blush, the second more lavendery colour is a shimmer and the last bright pink colour is a matte, so you get one of each finish. These are all very pigmented from swatches i've done, but i haven't used each of them yet, so i have yet to review, but they do look really nice and for £9.99 it is really good! 

This contour kit costs £6.49 which i think is very reasonable and inexpensive.

The next thing i bought was the Sleek face contour kit. I've heard a lot about this, so i'm excited to try it! It comes with a matte bronzer, and a shimmer highlight. When i first looked at it i thought the highlight was too light, but the next shade up (medium) the bronzer was way too dark.

Sleek packaging is always so nice and.. well.. sleek! I cant wait to try both of these out further! 

Zazie x